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Kauai Home Makeovers

Over the years, I have learned a great deal about what homes should have to be competitive in the rental market. I have shopped for just about every item imaginable and have developed excellent contacts along the way. With all the home improvement shows, there’s a tremendous market for do it yourself makeovers and it just takes good ideas, money and coordination to put it into effect.


Now, teamed up with Lorri Mull and others, Haven Interiors has been born to cater to a wide variety of client needs. Lorri brings a natural talent for space, art and furnishings that compliments my specialties and together we enjoy creating stylish, functional and comfortable island home environments. Haven Interiors can maximize your home’s true potential with fresh new accessories and furnishings with our customized services. Call us today to set up your initial consultation.


Rental Properties
Is your rental property feeling the effects of multiple users? Are you getting complaints from guests or property managers? Are you an absentee owner or simply don’t have the time or inclination to deal with the situation? Would you like to have happier clients and experience more repeat business?


Take advantage of our team to assess, suggest and take action giving your home a facelift and a more appealing feel. Using our team of decorators, organizers, cleaners and Feng Shui specialists plus our local knowledge, we can make big changes for a relatively small investment.


What we do - Kauai Home Makeovers
We can organize, coordinate, re-arrange, supplement and transform your home into a renter friendly haven based on a pre-agreed budget over a mutually acceptable time period.


We will meet with the owners or property managers to see what needs to be done and come up with prioritized ideas of what can be done to give you the most bang for the buck.


Sample Packages - Home Makeovers Kauai
We can work on a room at a time, or makeover your whole house and will customize the scope of work to your budget. Please call us for a consultation and mention they type of service you are interested in.


The Teaser package would include basic staging i.e. re-arranging what you have to be more user and visually friendly, buying the bare essentials and adding a few accent colors, accessories; organizing drawers and cupboards, plus an information book for renters of house rules, home information and some island information.


The Upgrade package would include the above, plus upgrading each room in the house using medium priced products (from Costco, Wal-Mart etc.) a few key accent items, perhaps slip covers for couches, plus a deep clean.


The Face Lift would include all essential elements of the first two packages plus replacing/upgrading some or all of the following: good quality kitchen appliances, bedroom and bathroom items, blinds/drapes; bring in a few key accessory furnishings & artwork.


The Deluxe Makeover may include working with a contractor, or subcontractors to make repairs, re-paint exterior and/or interiors, new furnishings, top of the line appliances, linens, rugs and accessories.


New Homeowners Kauai
Have you just purchased your dream house? Are you already working with a contractor, landscaper and/ or designer to remodel? Are you going to be on Kauai as the work is done, or do you need a coordinator to bring all the elements together?


This is my specialty and even though it is often stressful, taking a property renovation from start to finish is an amazing and exciting process. My experience is primarily with multi-million dollar oceanfront properties on the North Shore and I have excellent references from both owners and contractors. Our goal is to have everything in place and operational in time for your return. While the job is underway, we can also train and work with future future maintenance, cleaning and management staff to ensure a seamless transition once the work has been complete.

Please refer to my VIP Client services for more details.


Consultation fees: $75 / hour; Job fees: $75/ hour + 10% markup on goods purchased.



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